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Cold Porcelain




Cold Porcelain can be molded by kneading the amount you need until it becomes smooth, not to long because it dries out very quickly, then roll it into a ball, dust it with some cornstarch and press it into the mold. If you have excess cold porcelain after filling the mold you can either cut it off with a pair of scissors (careful not to clip the mold), pinch it off, or run a straight edge spatula across the top to remove the excess, then smooth it again. Cold Porcelain is meant for thin molds because it is air dry only, you do not bake it. It takes at least 24 to dry depending on the depth. Do not refrigerate to dry.




Simply pop the piece out by gently putting pressure on the sides of the mold and flexing it out and up.



      Cold porcelain can shrink when drying so you have to be careful not to use it for anything thick or it will crack.


      If it is sticky you can either dust it with cornstarch, or you can place it in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time to remove some of the moisture.


      Never refrigerate raw (un-molded) or finished cold porcelain, keep it well sealed at room temperature.. 


      You can paint a finished piece with watercolor or acrylic paint. You can also dust them.


      Never dust the inside of the mold.




3/4 cup of white glue

1 cup cornstarch

1/2 cup of water

1 teaspoon of cold cream*

1 teaspoon of glycerin

Mix wet ingredients until smooth over medium heat. Cook for a few minutes and add cornstarch. Stir continually until it forms a ball, remove from pan and mix thoroughly with hands. (I like to cover with a damp cloth until its cool enough to handle) do not refrigerate. Keep in an airtight bag.


* Ponds Cold Cream will do the job


Use as you would any modeling paste, can be molded and used in many ways... use chalk powder to color, or paint with any paint when dry.


Use cold cream to moisten mold and/or when you are working with it, if it becomes sticky.. Or ..dust with cornstarch...adjust ingredients for more or less.



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